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About Mykes Lab

An individual garment can be viewed as an art piece, an extension of one's wardrobe, aesthetic views and even lifestyle. Valuing the individuality in clothing, I create one-off handpainted garments. The creation process of such pieces to me has become an exploration of various themes, such as architecture, nature or altered states of consciousness.  

Experimentation is a key aspect of my creative approach. Engaging in different modes, such as painting, sewing and graphic design allows me to develop a style that's dynamic and multidimensional. My unconventional approach to clothing has enabled me to create one-off garments to unique figures like the Detroit based artist Danny Brown. 

Having completed a BSc in Environmental Science has made me highly aware of how unsustainable the current clothing industry can be. Sustainability is central to Mykes Lab - I upcycle old fabrics and use organic cotton for the majority of my products. My newest tees, for example, were manufactured using renewable energy from solar and wind power. I also think that the idea of making 1/1 pieces is at the core of sustainability - an individually created clothing piece is more likely to be treasured and looked after as the person who owns it is more likely to be appreciative of the process of how it was made, and what it means to them. Therefore, it also stands against the idea of fast fashion and mass consumption. 

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