How do I care for my hand-painted garments?

My garments are painted using fabric paints which are heat-treated afterwards and fully machine washable. I recommend washing them inside out, cold wash (20-30 °C) and on a gentle spin speed. Alternatively, you can also hand-wash them. Do not tumble dry, as that may crack the paint.

How are the clothes sustainable?

For my one-off pieces, I often source lightly damaged garments either directly from the manufacturers or thrift stores. I then paint them by hand to treat and cover up their imperfections. Some pieces may also include patchwork or minor repairs. This makes the garments sustainable by design, as they’re upcycled, repurposed and saved from going into landfill.

Majority of my clothes are made from 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton helps reduce soil erosion, water use and overall impact on global warming. For prints, I opt for water-based eco-friendly inks.

Will you restock any of the one-off pieces?

Each one-off piece I make involves a labour-intensive process that puts a sense of craft and artistry into the garment. I want the owner of the piece to feel like the garment they own is unique and personal to them, a piece of art that has its own story and ideas behind it. Hence, I don’t restock one-off pieces.

How do your pieces fit?

Mostly true to size, with a loose and boxy fit inspired by vintage garments. Make sure to check out the size chart and garment measurements inside every product’s page.

How do I know when you release new pieces?

The easiest way to get direct updates on new releases is to sign up to the newsletter below. I also preview and announce upcoming drops on my Instagram page.

Can I commission a custom piece?

Occasionally I’m open to making custom pieces based on your size and specifications. Message me with your idea at: info@mykeslab.com